Athy Photographic Society are active members of the IPF. The Irish Photographic federation is comprised of photographic clubs throughout the Republic of Ireland. It is governed by a National Council, the members of the Council being elected at the AGM from member clubs.
The Federation is very much a co-operative movement which is dedicated to helping Irish photographers advance the standard of their photography. It also promotes awareness of photography as a highly satisfying artistic outlet and as a leisure pursuit. Activities include running annual championships in all aspects of photography and the organisation of lecture tours by internationally renowned photographers.
International connections are regarded as an essential part of the Federation’s activities as a means of keeping Irish photographers in touch with outer styles and techniques. The Federation, a member of the Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP), sends panels of images to FIAP’s annual world Championships in various photographic disciplines and generally achieves high ranking in these competitions.
The Federation also administers a distinctions scheme for its members as a means of promoting photographic excellence. Photographers can progress from Licentiate, through Associateship to the highest level of Fellowship. The IPF distinctions are highly prized internationally, with many foreign photographers submitting panels for consideration.

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APS Club Members with IPF Distinctions

Suzanne Behan LIPF 


LIPF Panel – Suzanne Behan 2017

Noel Kelly LIPF

LIPF Panel – Noel Kelly

James Mahon LIPF Distinction.