Peadar and Viviane crowned champions

On Wednesday night, November 27th, we held our Photographer of the Year competition. In keeping with the format of last year each member submits a panel of 6 images. They are put on display.

We were honoured to have the renowned international award winning Podge Kelly to act as judge. Podge examined each and every image in detail and provided wonderful feedback. His advice and recommendations were gratefully accepted by the participants. It was a wonderful night of camaraderie and friendly atmosphere. There were two categories and the am delighted to report that Podge Kelly chose two very popular winners.

Viviane Rosa – Intermediate Photographer of the Year 2019 being presented with her trophy by chairman Peadar Doogue and judge Podge Kelly

The Intermediate Photographer of the Year is Viviane Rosa. Viviane, a Brazilian native, who has made Athy her home joined the club within the last year. She has brought wonderful enthusiasm and sense of fun to proceedings. It was great to see her falir and photographic skills acknowledged with the title.

Peadar Doogue – Photographer of the Year 2019 being presented with the Jack Brogan cup by Podge Kelly

The overall Photographer of the Year and the winner of the Jack Brogan Perpetual Memorial Trophy, was none other than our chairman Peadar Doogue. This is Peadar’s second occasion to win the award and it was richly deserved. The members of Athy PS extend their heartiest congratulations to both winners.

Viviane’s Winning Panel
Peadar’s Winning Panel

Here are all the other contestant’s panels

Aisling Hyland Panel
Pat Fleming Panel
Paddy Joe Ryan Panel
Larry Connell Panel
Judge’s critique
Jimmy McCarthy Panel
Eamon Murphy Panel
Dave Daly Panel
Con Doyle Panel
Chris Bradshaw Panel
Brian Flynn Panel
Alan Salter Panel

2020 time

Athy Photographic Society have recently launched it’s Calendar for 2020. As usual it is made up of photos from Athy and it’s hinterland. It always proves to be a popular stocking filler and copies make their way to every corner of the world. It is on sale in various shops in Athy, it can also be purchased from any member of the Athy Photographic Society. A donation will go to a local deserving cause from the proceeds of our 2020 Calendar. Here are the images used in this year’s edition;

Cover Photo – James Mahon
January – Paddy Joe Ryan
February – Jimmy McCarthy
March – Willie Quinlan
April – Chris Bradshaw
May – Pat Fleming
June – Dave Daly
July – Viviane Rosa
August – Aisling Hyland
September – Frank Fanning
October- Con Doyle
November – David Phibbs – Brian Flynn – Eamon Murphy
December – Peadar Doogue

Down but not out

2019 Midland Photography Group Challenge

Seven photography clubs from across the midlands took part in the fifth edition competition which was held in the Tullamore  on Sunday 10th November. Each club had a panel of eight colour images and another panel of seven black and white images.

Athy was represented by eleven different photographers. The quality of photography on the day was outstanding and unfortunately we were only placed in fourth position. We have dusted ourselves down and hope to bounce back successfully in 2020. We would like to extend our congratulations to the Newbridge based South Kildare Photography Club who were crowned champions

Awards are given for the best Black and White image and best Colour image on each club’s panels. This year the Athy awards went to Brian Flynn for Black and White and James Mahon in Colour.

Athy B&W Panel
Brian’s winning image
Athy Colour Panel
James’s winning image

Our 2019 Annual Exhibition

Athy Photographic Society held their annual exhibition on Friday September 27th. It was an outstanding success. Seventeen members, our largest ever number, exhibited their work. There were over one hundred images on the display. The club was rewarded with a very big attendance and the it was a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Ready for the off

We had made a few changes this year. We were in a new venue, the magnificent Town Hall. The central location proved to be very popular and the size was just right to cater for the event. This year’s exhibition was held a month earlier than normal as it was felt that too many events were being squeezed in later in the year. On the catering side of things we looked after this ourselves this year rather than employing outside contractors. It was all hands on deck from the members (and their families) in assembling a wonderful and tasty array of goodies. The catering effort was coordinated by committee member Chris Bradshaw, who also had his photos on display.

Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl TD

Our MC for the night was our own Chairman Peadar Doogue who kept proceeding moving along nicely. The official opening was performed by the Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl TD. It was great to see so many of our friends from the other MPG clubs in attendance. Our sincere thanks goes out to all those who travelled from the clubs to celebrate with us.In another change from recent years the exhibition was for one night only. It was felt in the past that the numbers attending on the Saturday and Sunday did not justify the effort. However the images from the exhibition will be on display at the Athy Library from Tuesday October 8th for approximately two weeks.

Array of goodies

The earlier date for the exhibition meant we were not in position to launch our 2020 Calendar as was the norm in previous years. However we are busy selecting the images for the Calendar which will be produced later this month.

Some of the large attendance

Hollywood here we come

Our club WhatsApp group was established last year. It was the brainchild of Alan Salter and he has administered and maintained it from the beginning. It has proven to be an extremely effective method of communication. It is often used to alert members of potential photographic opportunities. On such event was the recent Vintage Festival held in Hollywood, Co. Wicklow. Within a few hours of it being posted on WhatsApp three members of the club were already in transit. These photos from jimmy McCarthy give a flavour of the event.

Hollywood Festival
Hollywood Festival
Hollywood Festival

More success for Frank

Durrow 2019


The Scarecrow Festival in Durrow has been a happy hunting ground for Frank Fanning. Over the last three years he has won once and finished second twice in the Senior Photography Competition. And proving that the apple does not fall far from the tree his daughter, the wonderfully talented Ciara won this year’s Junior Photography Competition. What a wonderful and unique achievement for father and daughter. 

James Mahon EFIAP

On June 8th our club member James Mahon was awarded an EFIAP Distinction. The event was held at the Dublin Camera club and also featured an exhibition of images by the 27 Irish recipients of FIAP awards. James started competing in international competitions, known as salons in August 2016. Since then he has been awarded a PPSA Distinction by the Photographic Society of America and an AFIAP and EFIAP Distinction by To apply for EFIAP you must be the holder of the AFIAP Distinction by the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP)
In order to receive the EFIAP James had to achieve the following requirements
a) At least 250 Acceptances for Exhibition with a total of at least 50 different photographs.
b) This success must have come from at least 30 different salons with FIAP Patronage, and those salons must be spread over at least 20 different countries.
c) At least 12 of your 50 photographs must each have gained at least ONE acceptance as a PRINT as well as any PDI
e) To have at least two different photographs that have each received at least one award. These awards must have been gained in different salons from different countries.
He was also required to submit a CD Portfolio of 5 digital image files to FIAP. These photographs had each received at least 3 acceptances from FIAP Patronised Salons and included at least two that have received awards

James Mahon with IPF President Domnic Reddin

2019 Wildlife Panel Competition

On May 15th. the Members of the Athy Photography Society

held their Annual Wildlife Competition in the Community Family Resource Centre Woodstock St, Athy. It was very well attended and many of the members participated hoping to achieve the title of the APS Wildlife Photographer for 2019 and taking home the Paddy Joe Ryan Perpetual Wildlife Trophy. Each participant submitted a panel of 6 wildlife photographs. The Competition was judged by a long standing member of the South Kildare Camera Club (SKCC), Kieran Commins, renowned for his landscapes wildlife photography from many parts of the globe. Competing against incredible stiff competition and for the 2nd Year running it was Con Doyle won the title and the Paddy Joe Ryan Perpetual Wildlife Trophy. Well deserved as Con presented a panel of 6 magnificent Photographs.

Con receiving his trophy from our sponsor Paddy Joe Ryan
Con Doyle with his winning panel
The competition judge Kieran Commins, our Chairman Peadar Doogue, winner Con Doyle and sponsor Paddy Joe Ryan
Kieran Commins providing feedback to the participants and audience

Club WhatsApp Group

In the early of 2018 the club created a WhatsApp group for members. It has proved to be a very effective tool in terms of communication in the club. The group is Administred by Alan Salter. Alan can be contacted via email (allysalt “AT” All members are requested to register for this group as going forward it will be used as the primary communication platform within the club.

Club Meeting Report – Feb 6th. 2019

We were privileged to have a display and presentation from our colleague Naoise Kelly. Naoise produced some wonderful Landscape and Seascape images. He went into great depth regarding the process of capturing these masterpieces. There was great discussion and questions / answers among members.

We also had the first of our popular “Show and Tell” sessions for the year. Four members exhibited there work and it was really enjoyed the members who found it both very beneficial and highly entertaining.