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On June 8th our club member James Mahon was awarded an EFIAP Distinction. The event was held at the Dublin Camera club and also featured an exhibition of images by the 27 Irish recipients of FIAP awards. James started competing in international competitions, known as salons in August 2016. Since then he has been awarded a PPSA Distinction by the Photographic Society of America and an AFIAP and EFIAP Distinction by To apply for EFIAP you must be the holder of the AFIAP Distinction by the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP)
In order to receive the EFIAP James had to achieve the following requirements
a) At least 250 Acceptances for Exhibition with a total of at least 50 different photographs.
b) This success must have come from at least 30 different salons with FIAP Patronage, and those salons must be spread over at least 20 different countries.
c) At least 12 of your 50 photographs must each have gained at least ONE acceptance as a PRINT as well as any PDI
e) To have at least two different photographs that have each received at least one award. These awards must have been gained in different salons from different countries.
He was also required to submit a CD Portfolio of 5 digital image files to FIAP. These photographs had each received at least 3 acceptances from FIAP Patronised Salons and included at least two that have received awards

James Mahon with IPF President Domnic Reddin

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